About Centennial

Centennial Home Inspection Services, Inc. has established itself as the premier home inspection firm in the Puget Sound area.  Started in 1989, we have performed over 7,500 home inspections for savvy homebuyers who realize that a thorough inspection of what is probably their largest investment only makes sense. Many were referred to us by previous satisfied clients, others by local realtors who appreciate the value of a thorough home inspection.

Centennial Home Inspection Services, Inc. performs home inspections that exceed  both the standards of the American Society of Home Inspectors and  the standards  of practice of the Washington State Home Inspector license law.  After accompanying us during the inspection and reading the inspection report, the client knows more about the home they are planning to purchase and quite often they know more about the condition of the house than does the seller.

Join the thousands of satisfied clients in the Puget Sound area who have retained us to help them with the real estate purchase.

There are several reasons that Centennial Home Inspection Services, Inc. stands out among the competition:

Thorough Inspections

We perform the most thorough pre-purchase inspection. We carefully and systematically inspect and evaluate all of the major systems of the home. Our goal is to provide the client a thorough understanding of the major and structural components – and the condition of those components – in the home that they are considering purchasing. We are Washington State Licensed Home Inspectors and follow the Standards of Practice established by the Washington State Home Inspectors Licensing Board as well as those of the American Society of Home Inspectors.

As an example, we traverse the roof to look at the installation and condition of the roofing material, gutter system, flashing, masonry structures, etc. We operate the heating system, check for heat lift and airflow, check for carbon monoxide emissions and gas leaks, inspect the heat exchanger as visible, etc.

Our typical inspection is three to four man-hours, but we usually have two licensed inspectors on site, cutting the time required by half. We schedule our inspections so there is plenty of time to perform the inspection and answer your questions. We do not schedule inspections so tightly that we have to race through your inspection so we can get to the next one.

Narrative Report

Centennial Home Inspection Services, Inc. provides a comprehensive  narrative report specific to the home that you are purchasing. The report is easy to read and understand. Photographs of typical systems and deficiencies that are discovered are included. See a sample report. While we would like to be able to use a checklist report that we can mark up at the time of the inspection, tear off the top copy, hand it to the homebuyer, and be done with it, we have not found one that can convey the information properly to the homebuyer in a readable format better than our report. Performing an inspection is only half the job, relating the findings of that inspection is the other half.

Competitive fees

Our fees are competitive with other local qualified and experienced home inspection firms. Our fees are primarily based on the size of the home. The base fee is $445.00 for a home of less than 1000 square feet and increases incrementally. For homes larger than 5000 sf, a specific description is necessary to determine the fee. Please call for a quote about your specific home.

For scheduling and pricing, call (425) 820-7087.
Washington State Licensed Home Inspectors #201, #448, #698.

Customers reviews

Cullen with Centennial is the ultimate pro. I'm an architect, and it is apparent to me that he understands construction, and more importantly he operates with the highest level of integrity and is extremely thorough. These are the qualities you want in an inspector. He works for his client's best interests - not the real estate agent's
Josh Brincko
I've been greatly impressed with the work of Centennial Inspection for several years and multiple transactions. I've dealt with other inspection companies that left me feeling like I wasted my time. Cullen and Mac are professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and exceptionally thorough. Additionally, they are very responsive in scheduling and communication. All this, and fair pricing. Highly recommend them!
Debi Shatos
I highly recommend Centennial Home Inspection Services and have hired them 3 times for different purchases. Bruce and Cullen are both excellent to work with. They are very thorough and will take the time to talk through issues you may not be familiar with.
Don Weidner