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This is your most common home inspection, and accounts for almost 95% of our business. When you are buying a home you need to know exactly what you are getting into. This inspection will help you to not only understand the condition of the home you are about to purchase, but better understand its components as well.



If you are going to put your house on the market, you don’t want any surprises to come up that can interfere your transaction.  We can’t even count how many times we have gotten angry calls from sellers because we called out a defect in their home that they thought was in perfect condition.  If you know what is wrong with your home before you even put it on the market, than you can address any deficiencies that would otherwise tangle the sales process, and make the entire transaction go much more smoothly.



If you have recently purchased a new construction home from a builder, than it will come with a 1-year warranty.  This means that any deficiencies that develop or were not discovered when you bought the home can be fixed by the builder at no cost to you if they are identified within the first year of ownership. Going along with the question “I’m buying a new home, do I really need an inspection?”, we find defects that are built into homes everyday. It’s better for you to find them early and have the builder repair them then to have to pay for them yourself years down the road when you try to sell your house.



This is the one inspection we do that has nothing to do with a sales transaction.  These have more to do with maintenance than anything else.  If you have been living in your home for many years, unless you make it a common practice to check out your crawl space and attic, or climb up on your roof, you never know what kind of problems may have developed in your house over time.  You can bring us in to check out all the major components of your house, and let you know what components are still in working order and what needs attention.  This inspection is also a good idea if you purchased your home without an inspection, or maybe you aren’t as confident in your inspector as you’d like to be.  Call us up. We can put your mind at ease and you will be confident in your knowledge of the condition of your house.



We have inspected numerous light commercial structures, ranging from small warehouses and daycare centers to a 13-unit strip mall. If you are interested in investing in a small commercial building, it is just as crucial for you to know the condition of the structure and the utilities in place as it is for a residential home owner. Our inspections will help you to understand the condition of the property you are interested in purchasing, but also our reports can help you significantly when you are negotiating price with the seller.

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Washington State Licensed Home Inspectors #201, #448, #698.

Customers reviews

Cullen with Centennial is the ultimate pro. I'm an architect, and it is apparent to me that he understands construction, and more importantly he operates with the highest level of integrity and is extremely thorough. These are the qualities you want in an inspector. He works for his client's best interests - not the real estate agent's
Josh Brincko
I've been greatly impressed with the work of Centennial Inspection for several years and multiple transactions. I've dealt with other inspection companies that left me feeling like I wasted my time. Cullen and Mac are professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and exceptionally thorough. Additionally, they are very responsive in scheduling and communication. All this, and fair pricing. Highly recommend them!
Debi Shatos
I highly recommend Centennial Home Inspection Services and have hired them 3 times for different purchases. Bruce and Cullen are both excellent to work with. They are very thorough and will take the time to talk through issues you may not be familiar with.
Don Weidner